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Best Solar Spot Lights In 2018 – Making A Clever Choice

Curious what the best solar spot lights in 2018 are? You're not the only one! Ever since they made it to the market, these lights kept gaining popularity to a point they became confusing. There are so many choices out there that you barely know what to choose. So, what should you look for?

Operating Time

The operating time is a main consideration in solar spot lights. Normally, they have no problem operating year round. Believe it or not, their batteries are so good that they can easily overcome long winter nights too. In fact, some of the best solar spotlights in 2018 can go for days before requiring a charge. Make sure you know what kind of weather conditions they have to face before spending your money.

Type of Bulb

Most solar spot lights come with the LED technology. It's easy to see why – LED lights provide the brightest light. They are efficient, but also cheap to run, as they can go for up to 25 years. Their energy usage is minimum too, not to mention their size. At the same time, some of the best solar spot lights in 2018 use amber LED lights for a more dramatic glow.

Premium Features

Premium features may often look like bells and whistles, yet they can be handy sometimes. For example, some lights have timers. Some others have on and off switches. Looking for some color? Good, because many spots have colored lenses. What about the installation? Do you want to stick them into the ground? Maybe you want them mounted to the patio or hanging from trees.

Match the Theme

The landscape theme is one of the critical factors in checking the best solar spot lights in 2018. Although the lights might be modern and efficient, they may not be perfect for your landscape theme. You can find decorative solar lights, country style lights, Japanese models, stainless steel spot lights and so on.

Generally speaking, the best solar spot lights in 2018 don't really exist. There isn't such a concept. What you should look for is the perfect set of lights for your particular situation.

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